Ethiopia Has Ample Experience in Thwarting Global Odds in History: European and American Affairs Director-General

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Addis Ababa October 8/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia has been tackling multi-pronged diplomatic battles with its ample experiences in thwarting global odds in its history, European and American Affairs Director-General said.

European and American Affairs Director-General at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eshete Tilahun  told ENA that although the country is walking on a difficult path it is fighting side by side for peace, development, progress and democracy.

“We are showing the world that the current Ethiopian struggle is not just a one-dimensional struggle,” he pointed out.

According to him, there are still a lot of unfair pressures from the international community and organizations against Ethiopia since the TPLF attack in the northern part of the country.

Recalling the joint investigation report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights into alleged human rights violations as an example, the director-general explained that the findings were submitted to the Human Right Council in Geneva and endorsed unanimously without any reservation as well as without any precondition.

And Ethiopia established an Inter-Ministerial Taskforce as a follow up to implement the recommendations.

But “those who have ill-ambition against Ethiopia and want it to bow down to their influence have been trying to exert undue pressure by establishing the International Commission of Human Rights Expert on Ethiopia (ICHREE).”

Recall that the ICHREE presented its initial findings on the alleged human right violation in Tigray and accused the Ethiopian government of crimes against humanity.

However, the director-general stressed that the influence of another party is not something that needs coercion since this country is committed to the protection of human rights.

In connection with this, he observed that the international giant organization, the United Nations (UN), is not serving the very purpose of its establishment. As a result, Ethiopia has become one of the victims of this wrong global approach.

Eshete noted that Ethiopia has had ample experience throughout its history in facing such odds before, but it thwarted all threats by galvanizing the people.

According to him, “The agenda of the United Nations is eroding over time and turning into a platform of influence. It is necessary to fight this as the challenge of our time. Let alone this diplomatic struggle, we Ethiopians have overcome many more dangers in our freedom fights. To preserve the price paid by the previous generation and to take care of the freedom of the country, it is necessary to face such challenges.”

Noting the decisions by the UN regarding the results of the ICHREE study are largely based on the voluntariness of countries, he pointed out that some countries, especially the economically developed countries, may take individual policies and measures to implement such decisions.

Eshete pointed out that no matter how the unwarranted pressures are being reinforced, Ethiopia has kept its diplomatic struggle with the support of the African Union, its member countries, and global friends of Ethiopia to prevent unfair decisions.

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