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Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan vow to resolve dispute over dam

TRT World’s Philip Owira

Ethiopia is building a dam along its share of the Nile, with the backing of Sudan, but is facing fierce opposition from Egypt. Talks between the countries have stalled for months but the parties now agree to find a solution.

A cloud of dust rises from a dynamite blast, as part of construction work, at Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam during a media tour along the river Nile in Benishangul Gumuz Region, Guba Woreda, in Ethiopia March 31, 2015. (ReutersArchive)

For the past seven years, Ethiopia and Egypt have fought over the construction of a dam on the Blue Nile.

The Ethiopians say the project will boost its economy, but the Egyptians claim it will cut off their water supply.

Ethiopia, which is financing the project alone and hopes to become the continent’s biggest power generator and exporter, dismisses the claims.

Sudan supports the dam because it will regulate floods and provide electricity and irrigation.

Talks between the three governments have stalled for months but they have now decided to draw up a report of solutions to the issue and agreed to hold heads of state meetings annually.

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have agreed to finish the initial technical study within one month.

TRT World’s Philip Owira reports.

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