Ethiopia Detains over 100 Al Shabab Militants, Treats them in Humane way

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Addis Ababa August 6/2022/ENA/ The Ethiopian Government is treating the al-Shabab captives, over 100, in humane manner, according to National Defense Force(NDF) and captured militants.

Defense Force Deployment Head and Temporary Command Post Coordinator, Major General Tesfaye Ayalew, and Somali Region Special Police Commander, Commissioner-General Mohamed Ahmed affirmed that the captives were held properly in a humane manner.

Some Prisoners of War of the terrorist al-Shabab also confirmed to ENA that the Ethiopian government is treating them in a way that respects the international treatment of terrorist captives.

Abdullahi Hassan Abdi, among the al-Shabab captives told ENA that they accepted the mission to destabilize Ethiopia and were captured attempting to infiltrate into Ethiopia and launch attacks.

Ayalnie Ahamed, who joined al Shabab 5 years ago, and Abdolahi Jemal Roble are also among the more than 100 terrorist al-shabab captives.

The captives stated that they had expected to be killed contrary to the treatment they recieved..

Ethiopian security forces carried out decisive military operation against terrorist al-Shabab insurgent  units that tried to infiltrate into some areas in Somali region of Ethiopia last month.

Consequently, several al-Shabab leaders and hundreds of fighters were killed and more than100 fighters captured.

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