Ethiopia Committed To Realizing Successful Transition in Sudan

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Addis Ababa October 28/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia will continue to strengthen its commitment to make the Sudanese political transition successful, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Spokesperson of Foreign Affairs, Dina Mufti gave press briefing today on major diplomatic activities, economic and citizen centered diplomacy, the current development in Sudan and other related issues over the week.  

The spokesperson said the government of Ethiopia expressed its position on the current situation in Sudan by recalling the Statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that urged all parties for calm and de-escalation in the Sudan and to exert every effort towards a peaceful end to this crisis.

In this regard, Dina noted the Government of Ethiopia fully supports the completion of Sudan’s transition to democracy and the respect for the Constitutional Document of the Transitional Period.

Furthermore, spokesperson reiterated that the need for the respect of the sovereign aspirations of the people of the Sudan and the non-interference of external actors in the internal affairs of the Sudan.

Sudan has the capability to address the challenges that it is facing now; the spokesperson said adding that Ethiopia believes that external interference in the internal affairs of Sudan is unnecessary.

He recalled that the government of Ethiopia has played a significant role in successfully mediating the establishment of a coalition government, consisting of its civilian and military components, and to adopt the constitutional document of the transitional period.

Speaking on diplomatic activities carried out over the week, Dina noted Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen, held discussion with Commissioner for International Partnership of the European Union Commission, Jutta Urpilainen on the current situation in Ethiopia.

Demeke briefed the commissioner about Ethiopia’s commitment to give unfettered access to humanitarian assistance by mentioning significant measures taken by the government.

Efforts being undertaken by the Attorney General’s office and the joint international investigation over alleged crimes and underscored the government’s policy of zero-tolerance for any human rights violation in the country, he explained.

Demeke also called on the EU to condemn TPLF for its transgression and pressure the group to immediately withdraw its soldiers from occupied areas in the Amhara region, Dina stated.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in his message written in Arabic to the people of Sudan that Sudanese indigenous knowledge and practices are sufficient enough to uphold the bright future of the Sudanese people by respecting the values of the constitution and realizing the Juba Peace Agreement.

According to him, the government and people of Ethiopia are closely following the situation in Sudan, and this is a result of the long-standing bondage between the two people.

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