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Ethiopia accuses Sudanese army of invading more territories – Mereja.com

Ethiopia says the Sudanese army is continuing to invade more lands deep into its territory, according to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Briefing journalists on Tuesday, Spokesperson of the Ministry Ambassador Dina Mufti said the Sudanese force is encroaching more lands in violation of the agreement reached between the two neighboring countries at different times.

Ethiopia has been working patiently to resolve the matter through dialogue, realizing that war will not be an option for the dispute, the Spokesperson said.

Any type of unilateral exercise is not helpful in finding a lasting solution and what Sudan is doing at the moment is unprecedented he said adding ‘tolerance has its limit;

“If Sudan does not stop expanding into Ethiopian territories, Ethiopia will be forced to launch a counter-offensive,” the Spokesperson said.

He said Sudanese authorities turned deaf ears to Ethiopia’s call for peaceful resolution of the territorial disputes; rather they took Ethiopia’s silence as “weakness”.

Last Friday, the Ethiopian Boundary Commission issued a statement in which it stated that “the Ethiopian-Sudanese border has been the subject of disputes between the two countries for more than a century. What Sudan is doing breaches the border agreement the two countries signed at different time.

Reports reveal that the work of a technical committee for demarcating the borders between the two countries was suspended in 2013.

Dina blamed third parties which he said are working to take advantage of the current situation by pushing the two countries into war,

The Spokesperson said that Ethiopia would be forced to defend its territorial integrity if Sudanese authorities are not willing to resolve the dispute through diplomatic means.

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