Ethio-Djibouti Railway Company Exemplary in Enhancing Regional Integration: CEO

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Addis Ababa September 16/2022/ENA/ Ethio-Djibouti Railway is an exemplary company in bringing economic integration among the regional countries, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdi Zenebe said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Ethio-Djibouti Railway Share Company CEO said regional integration at the sub-regional level is a priority for Ethiopia as well as for a number of countries in the sub-region.

According to him, the Ethio-Djibouti Railway Company established by the two countries is playing a big role in bringing about economic integration of the countries.

Ethio-Djibouti Railway Company, which is owned by the two countries, will expedite regional integration in the Horn of Africa, he added.

The CEO revealed that the company has created jobs for 2,891 people, of these 2,431 are Ethiopians and 460 Djiboutians.

“We are planning to diversify and expand our business to a number of areas. One of which is the car transportation that we have commenced as a new service,’’ Abdi stated.

This will continue in different area as well, and the rail way company plans to further introduce  refrigerated wagons, and transport fruits and vegetable as well as medicines and the other items, it was learned.

“We have also different kinds of hoppers that can transport iron, steel, wood and other materials. This is in addition to what we have been doing in transporting fertilizers, cooking oil, and other commodities,’’ the CEO added.

During the concluded Ethiopia fiscal year Ethio-Djibouti Railway Company has transported over 1.7 million tons of import-export cargoes in 71,000 containers, of which 14,000 transported export commodities.

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