Establishing Nat’l Dialogue Commission Timely for Credible, Inclusive Dialogue

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Addis Ababa January 25/2022/ENA/ It is the right time and moment that the government has established a National Dialogue Commission to ensure credible and inclusive dialogue in the country, the prominent Ethiopian actor, Debebe Eshetu said.

It is to be recalled that the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HoPR) approved a proclamation establishing the National Dialogue Commission last month.

The main objective of the establishment of the commission is to facilitate consultation among the various segments of the society to identify and deliberate on the root causes of the differences and on fundamental national issues.  

It is also aimed at laying the social and political foundations on the basis of which the current problems facing the country can be solved in a sustainable manner and lasting peace.

Talking to ENA, Debebe said the national dialogue will help to bring things together and create peace among people.

 “All politicians, concerning bodies must understand the value of the national dialogue. For us to understand this, we have to think about the advantage of having the national dialogue and disadvantage of not having national dialogue,” he stated.

The advantage is more powerful than disadvantage he said, adding “we have to clearly understand why we should  have national dialogue, what  solution does it bring to us and how we do go about it.”

He urged people with knowledge must teach the general public about the value of the national dialogue.

“I think it is the right time and right moment  that the government has created National Dialogue commission,” he elaborated.  

Moreover, Debebe stated that the national dialogue not solves everything at the moment; rather it is pace one after the other.

“I think the national dialogue does not try to solve everything at one moment. It is a pace one after the other. One solution could bring other solution to the problem. If we are willing to follow the directives given by intellectuals, I think the solution will be very effective to the country,” he added.

When it comes to the problems of our country it is a big thing he said, adding you have to understand what the advantage you can get out the national dialogue. We have a lot of issues to raise. Every issue cannot be solved overnight. We have to give priority; what we should be concentrated on at the beginning and what  follows up next.  

“We have to discuss the issues and then bring the solution together. If we leave the solution for the government, then we do not go anywhere. When you raise the question, you have to give  the answer for it,” the actor  noted.

On other hand, he indicated that the very fact that the government is willing to create this national dialogue is proved to the world that we are people loving country. We cannot be against our country and ourselves.

“The people of Ethiopia and the county are willing to discuss anything among them. The foreign countries must take this as sign of peace loving country,” Debebe underlined.

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