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June 12, 2021
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Eskinder Nega, the unbreakable man

by Abebe Gellaw

Journalist Eskinder Nega is a man of faith, full of confidence and courage. He was the man who inspired me and many others to stay steady in the midst of storms. He never gives up and never gets discouraged. After all, it was his unflinching commitment to freedom of expression that landed him in jails 10 times in two decades.

He was abused and tortured but refused to give up his fight for freedom, justice and dignity. They tried every tactic in their book to break his spirit. He proved them wrong with faith and humility.

He came out of jail transformed into an internationally recognized and admired hero. But his TPLF tormentors, condemned and ridiculed globally, are shaking in their boots. The cowards are not sure about their fate and what disaster tomorrow will bring.

Moments before I stood up and protested against the late tyrant Meles Zenawi, I was thinking of the suffering of Eskinder and countless others in jails.

Eskinder Nega, the unbreakable man, is a hero that history will never forget. I am happy to see him spread his wings and fly freely. He will soar like an eagle again. Eskinder is free, but all political prisoners in all corners of Ethiopia must be released.

My dear friend, welcome to the free world again! Unlike the tyrants we follow and condemn wherever they go, we will welcome you with songs of praise.

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