Eritreans, other Foreigners Expressing Interest to be Part of ‘Coming Home Initiative’

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December 18/2021 (ENA) Eritreans and other foreigners living in various countries have been expressing interest to visit Ethiopia during the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas as part of the Prime Minister’s Coming Home Initiative, members of Ethiopian diaspora in the UK and United States said.

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It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has invited one million Ethiopians in the diaspora to come home and celebrate Ethiopian Christmas.

Speaking to ENA the Ethiopian Community members in the UK and US said they are working for the successful accomplishment of the Prime Minister’s call for a million diaspora to visit Ethiopia for Christmas.

As part of the initiative, they have been exerting efforts to encourage other foreigners to visit Ethiopia.

Abebe Tola, the renowned social media activist who is living in Manchester, UK  said  efforts are underway to encourage Ethiopians in the UK to bring foreign nationals home along with them for Christmas under the banner of ‘Back to the land of Origin.’

According to him, friends of Ethiopia are showing interest to visit Ethiopia during Christmas.  

Apart from a million comeback movement, the Ethiopian community is also diligently making endeavors to make the foreign community understand the reality about the current situation in Ethiopia.

The other Ethiopian diaspora, Desalegn Abera, from Washington, DC on his part, said Eritrean citizens, who are expressing their solidarity for Ethiopia across the globe, are also responding for the call made by the Prime Minister to visit Ethiopia.  

“we are strongly working to bring Africans and non-Africans are alike,” Desalegn said.

It is to be recalled that State Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Redwan Hussien called upon the Ethiopian diaspora to bring Africans and at least one non-African to visit Ethiopia for Christmas.

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