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Eritrean President says TPLF miscalculated war to march to Asmara, Addis

Eritrean President likened Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) military move to attack Ethiopian Defense Force to “mad adventure”


Eritrean President Isaisas Afeworki had an interview with the state media in his country, Eri- TV, in Tigrigna language. He talked about TPLF’s plan in starting the war and the relation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, among other issues. 

Eritrean Press, Social Media-based Eritrean News source, translated some key points from the interview. 

Isaisas Afeworki said that there was no anticipation on the part of Eritrea that TPLF would start a war. The objective of the war, he said, was to march to Addis Ababa and Asmara – in the case of the latter for a regime change. 

However, TPLF miscalculated the war (and the outcome) and what it did was rather a mad adventure, he added. 

President Isaias Afeworki also disclosed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated a conversation with former president of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael but the Eritrean president turned it down.  Mr. Isaias also disclosed that he asked Debretsion, when they met at  Omahajer during the border opening ceremony between Eritrea and Ethiopia, why TPLF was preparing for war. 

Another point in connection with former president of Tigray regional state is that Isaias was approached by TPLF for establishing partnership, but Isaias said he told him that Eritrea will not have relation with a party or region but with the central government of Ethiopia. 

Regarding peace in the region, President Isaias remarked that ” For peace to sustain in the region, we want the giant Ethiopia to have a lasting peace. ” 

He emphasized the importance of peace in Ethiopia when he said, “We care more for peace in Ethiopia than any country in our region.” 

The issue of intervention from foreign actions in the region is also something that president Isaias commented on. The Eritrean Press translated his views in that regard as follows:  “The recent foreign ‘actors’ involvement in the region is connected with the junta’s agenda and that problem will not disappear soon.” 


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