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June 17, 2021
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EPRDF vows to widen democratic, media space

The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), having completed its 17-days intensive meeting, pledged to take serious measures with regards to the increasingly narrowing down political space in the country, highly repressed media environment and severely undermined role of the civil society and democratic institutions in Ethiopia.

In a lengthy press statement that the party’s executive committee issued on Friday, it was noted that the top-level leadership is the one that should take responsibility to the widespread political instability the country has experienced in the past three years.

In the same statement, the Committee also admitted that the party’s top leadership has had it fair share in the increasing narrowing down political space and the diminishing role the civil society is playing in shaping the political life of the nation. According to the Committee, the party’s leadership and its reluctance in taking the appropriate measures to ensure the plurality of views has resulted in undermining the country’s multiparty democracy.

“Although it could not be concluded that the narrow political space in the country would immediately improve upon the blessing of the party or by changing the legal framework, the Committee has agreed that it has had its fair share in contributing to the current situation,” it reads.

On the other hand, the executive committee also admitted to the sluggish growth Ethiopia exhibited over the past 25 years and said that it should take it share of the blame for that. Most importantly, the party has down played recently observed trends in public media where some of them are reported to be “fueling ethnic tensions”.

In addition to that, the party also admitted to the weakening state of the civil society in Ethiopia and the undermined role it is playing in the nation’s political life. And vowed to strength the civil society and take measures improve inclusiveness.

All in all, the party made admission as to all sorts of evils that the country went through in recent times and renewed its pledge to work to improve the situation.

On the party front, the Executive Committee also admitted that lack of inter-party democracy has contributed to the wide range failures in serving the public.

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