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Eid-to-Eid Homecoming Call Provides Opportunities To Promote Religious, Cultural Values

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Addis Ababa April 27/ 2022 /ENA/ State Minister Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said that the Eid-to-Eid homecoming call provides opportunities to promote Ethiopia’s religious and cultural values.

The State Minister, who is also Co-Cahir of the Eid-to-Eid National Committee, made the remarks while officially opening the Eid-to-Eid Expo that displays Ethiopian-made products.

Ambassador Birtukan called on the diaspora to buy products made in Ethiopia, encourage local manufacturers, and promote the country in this regard.

Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Dr. Mohammed Endris appreciated the positive response of the diaspora to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Eid-to-Eid call.

He urged the home comers to actively engage in the arranged programs at the federal and regional levels.

Ustaz Abubeker Ahmed, who is also Co-Chair of the Eid-to-Eid National Committee, on his part, called on the diaspora community to contribute their part in rehabilitating the affected people and reconstructing damaged infrastructure.

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