Efforts Will Continue to Help Diaspora Engage in Overall National Agenda: Ethiopian Diaspora Service Says

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Addis Ababa January 11/2023/ENA/ The government of Ethiopia will continue its effort to help the diaspora engage in the overall national agenda of their country, the Ethiopian Diaspora Service disclosed.

While speaking with ENA, the Director General of Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Mohammed Idris commended the Ethiopian Diasporas’ intense show of solidarity to their motherland during trying times.

According to him, in a bid to ensure Ethiopian national interest on the world stage, the Ethiopian Diaspora community, in a very patriotic way, has engaged itself in gallantly defending the country.

National interests evolve in time and situation, he noted, adding, now the peace agreement has been reached and we want the Diaspora community to work to convince the international community to be a strong partner for its successful implementation.

“The international community is expected to support the peace agreement so that Ethiopia can focus on its development and prosperity.”

It is known that, during the time of the conflict, one of the reasons the Diaspora were engaging in lobbying and advocating the reality was to defend the interest of their country and bring peace back to Ethiopia, he said.

The peace agreement brings this opportunity, the Director-General elaborated.

Hence, the Ethiopian Diaspora needs to strengthen its engagement not only in times of trouble but also in times of peace, he said.

In our part, to help the Diaspora community understand the content and the aspects of the peace process, he added.

Mohammed further stated that we want to bring all groups of the Diaspora community to stand together for the successful implementation of the peace deal, noting that the government will further continue its efforts to help the diaspora engage in the overall national agenda of their country.

He also urged the Diaspora to engage in the rehabilitation of people and damaged infrastructure affected by the conflict.

Among the Diaspora that we have been engaging includes those that originated in the Tigray region, he said, adding the discussion is aimed to help them clearly understand the essence of the peace process and help them engage in the rehabilitation process currently under way in the region.

Among the contributions that we want the diaspora to engage in include the reconstruction of institutions and also knowledge and skill transfer, he elaborated.

Currently, we have been conducting a weekly meeting with all the major Diaspora institutions abroad. We have a weekly meeting with major media personalities in the Diaspora as well, he said.

“We are continuously updating them about the situation at home. We are continuously giving them updates on current issues and ongoing projects planned to rehabilitate war-torn places.”

Ethiopia wants the diasporas strengthen their unity and continue to stand up together for their country and also to engage in the rehabilitation projects, he said.

He also called on the Diaspora community to contribute its share towards the sustainability of the peace agreement.

Ethiopian Diaspora Service announced yesterday a plan to organize an event to recognize and honor members of the diaspora who have been intensively contributing to the development and image building activities of the country.

The planned ceremony will be held on the 26th of January, 2023 in the presence of high ranking government officials.

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