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Dr. Berhanu Nega at his best in a historic meeting in Washington DC radiating infectious optimism and unwavering determination

By Kirubeal Bekele
February 1, 2016
Back from the Eritrean desert, the incredible Dr. Berhanu Nega, brought back to Washington DC and the Diaspora the fun we have been missing for seven months since he left for Eritrea.
Dr. Berhanu roared into the meeting hall in Double tree hotel putting the audience on its feet for over one and half hours into a room full of people packed beyond capacity. Even Tamagn Beyne could not find a place to sit. He was sitting on the floor. Do you believe that?
It was simply the most exciting meeting with Dr. Berhanu that people ever witnessed. It looks like the Diaspora is orphaned in the absence of Dr. Berhanu. The union of the Diaspora with Dr. Berhanu after seven months at the meeting was ecstatic beyond description. Most people never realized how much they missed Dr. Berhanu until yesterday.
On a serious note, this meeting was a great success with Dr. Berhanu at his best. It can be reasonably summarized as follows.
1) CONFIDENCE: We have never seen Dr. Berhanu radiating this level of confidence in his speeches. It is a REAL one with good reasons.
2) CLARITY of PURPOSE: He presented what is seemingly a complicated concept of the struggle in very simple terms without beating around the bush. No slicing and dicing. Nor boring and confusing analysis. He was shooting straight and to the point.
3) A Breakthrough analysis of the ETHNIC AGENDA in Ethiopia and how to handle it strategically in line with the establishment of a democratic Ethiopia. He also analysed, with a powerful insight, the Oromo protests and the overall political conditions in Ethiopia today.
4) CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM: Dr. Berhanu expressed an unbelievable optimism about the stage of the struggle for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. It is not hard to notice right from his face about the fact that his optimism is well-founded and real. He looks surprisingly happy and healthy and probably for a good reason we may know in the future.
5) DIRECT and STRAIGHT TALK addressing all patriotic Ethiopians. He told all of us to participate and help speed up the fall of TPLF instead of waiting someone including him to bring the freedom ship. He told all Ethiopians to bring that freedom ship instead of sitting and waiting for it and dream about it. He said it will never happen. He said it plain and simple,” If you sit, dream, and wait for someone (including him)  to bring freedom, you will never see freedom.”
Dr. Berhanu urged the Ethiopian intellectuals leave the shadow boxing behind and to join the struggle for earnest and come down to the ground. It is high time for our intellectuals and dreamers to wake up from their dream and take part in the actual struggle that will change their dream into reality.
He quoted this famous expression in Amharic, “”በጫጫታ የፈረሰች ኢያሪኮ ብቻ ነች” to describe the seriousness of the struggle. He said we can’t beat TPLF with making loud noises and shadow boxing. He said we need to pay the price in blood and sweat. Only then, we will be free, he added. And he called all Ethiopians to join him for our freedom and save our country that is in grave danger.

Ginbot 7 Chairman Prof. Berhanu Nega’s Full speech in Washington D.C – January 31, 2016

Make sure, we all become doers instead of talkers. Instead of waiting for freedom, let us create freedom.


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