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Dr. Abiy Ahmed: “Hope & Change Bringer or The Perfect Tool for TPLF”

By Belay Zeleke
April 19th 2018

New Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is the first prime minister in modern Ethiopian history to come from the country’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo

The more the newly non-elected PM speaks the more obvious it is where his ideology and moral compass are aligned. As I said in my previous article this was a head fake by the deep state TPLF, to cynically deceive the people of Ethiopia. All the non-actions of the PM and his empty words are offensive to Ethiopians.

Case#1: To take an example of his callousness, he compared the brutal TPLF government to a child that misbehaves. He went further to draw the metaphor that Ethiopians outside the country should not be like parents that are harshly punishing their child by withholding diner. This was his comparison to the reduction and/or stoppage of remittance campaign that Ethiopians outside the country are successfully waging. All of this was during an address to business people who apparently have complained about the campaign by Ethiopians abroad who are reducing/withholding remittances. Some studies put the remittances close to $4Bln. When compared to the export/import deficit the remittance constitutes a significant source of income for the TPLF regime. If for a moment once closes their eyes and listens to Abiy Ahmed’s words, Hailemariam Desalgn might have well said it. These are empty scripted words. What person in their right mind, who understands the reality of all the children, mothers; fathers that have been killed by this regime make this type of arrogant comparison. It appears as if Abiy Ahmed has a set of words he will use and then quickly reverts back to cadre speak. The cadre speak which includes words like developmental government, centralism, revolutionary democracy. Words that are as meaningless as they are useless.

It makes one wonder whether he was designated by the TPLF instead of the result of the people’s struggle. Did the TPLF truly fight tooth and nail not to have him designated as PM or was all that drama smoke and mirrors. I argue that if he truly broke through the ranks and was a result of the protests, why is he not exercising that power now. If he is a transformational leader why is he not picking cabinet members who are qualified and not reshuffling of the same simpleton cadres. If he had a moral compass why is he not calling to account the killers of Ayantu in Harerge or the Woldiya massacre or the Moyale killings. If he had dignity why would he have minimized the Welqait question to water and development.

Case #2 was during one of his tours in Mekelle where he clearly diminished the Welqait land grab as a question of clean water and development. Then he went on to call the people of Tigray gold. That to me is lip service and if calling one people gold or diamond or sliver makes them feel better about themselves then so be it. The other people of Ethiopia dont need to be flattered by empty compliments, because they have thousands of years of history to tell the tale of their bravery. So once again empty useless words and no action.

Case#3 in Gondar and Bahir Dar the roving PM was called out on his previous comments in case #2. And as with most slippery sliver tounged TPLF cadres he went back on his word and said the context was different. Well thank goodness for Technology and videos we all heard what was asked and how he answered the question. Everything he said about Welqait and the countless many problems caused by the TPLF has been said before. Once again his scripted answers with a sprinkle of patriotism was as empty as the power he doesn’t wield.

My conclusion is the same as it has been from the beginning. If his actions don’t match his words then once again the TPLF are doing all they can to survive and Abiy Ahmed is yet another Hailemariam Desalgn 2.0 or 0HD2.0 just younger. All of his actions are clear indications that the TPLF are still in power and pulling the strings. The fact that he called on the remittance reduction campaign to end, is a message from his TPLF masters who are hurting because their way of life is effected. They don’t have the foreign currency to continue robbing/stealing, torturing, maiming and killing Ethiopians as they please. On the other hand the remittance campaign should see this as a sign of strength and double down on the reduction and embargo of foreign currency from Ethiopians abroad.

I am quite surprised by many writers who are talking about hope, hope, hope. There is always hope in humanity even in the most dire of circumstances. We don’t need hope, what we need is transformational change, what we need is the removal of the TPLF not more words of hope. Action is what we need not sweet sounding lyrics. I refuse to give a chance to someone who has done nothing. The Bible says judge a man by his deeds. His deeds are non-existent but his forked tongue is conniving against the people of Ethiopia. Some say we have to help him because the TPLF hyenas surround him. I say he must listen to his conscience and starts acting like a leader and not a lackey. When will he takes bold steps? When will he do something?

The struggle continues

Belay Zeleke


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