DPM Says Gov’t Will Pursue Utmost Effort to End Conflict in Northern Ethiopia Peacefully

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Addis  Ababa August 22/2022 /ENA/The government of Ethiopia will further enhance its effort to resolve problem in the northern part of the country with dialogue and peaceful talks, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen said.

Demeke made the remark today at the traditional outdoor festival of Shadey being celebrated among the communities in Wag Himra Zone of Amhara Regional State.

In his message delivered to the participants of the festival today , Demeke noted that in its effort to address the problem in the northern part of the country with peaceful talks, the government had declared unilateral ceasefire with a view to enhance the humanitarian assistance to the people in Tigray.

However, TPLF has been propagating for another round of war by disrupting the call for peace options, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister said.

The international community has to see the warmongering activities of the terrorist TPLF group, Demeke pointed out.

He further urged the people of Tigray to prevent the continued oppression of TPLF in order to ensure its rights and freedom.

“It is impossible for the terrorist group and its cliques to realize their dream of destabilizing and dismantling the unity and integrity of Ethiopia,” he said.

Demeke has also mentioned about the efforts being carried out to rebuild infrastructures destroyed due to the war in Amhara and Afar regions. According to him, the ongoing rehabilitation activities in the two regions will be enhanced.

Chief Administration of Amhara Region, Yilikal Kefel for his part noted the immense contribution of the people of Tigray in nation building and urged them not be swayed by TPLF’s agitation for destruction and should fight against the group which is the common enemy of the country.  

The Shadey festival is one of Ethiopia’s blessings that depicts symbol of civilization, he said indicating that the government will enhance its effort to make the festival a tourist attraction.

Shadey-Ashendiye-Solel is celebrated every year from August 21 to 25 by young girls in the northern part of Ethiopia.   

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