DP& FM Demeke Urges Pan-Africa Youths Confront Problems of the Time

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May 25/2022/ENA/ Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Demeke Mekonnen urged representatives of the youth of Africa to never shy away from confronting problems of our time.

A three-day Pan-Africa Youth Summit under the theme “Building on Pan-African Ties and Promoting Indigenous Knowledge in Africa” kicked off today in Addis Ababa.

In his keynote address, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said that Ethiopia has contributed its share to the Pan-African governance.

The need to connect to the past and equip ourselves towards recreating a bright future for our continent, he said, adding “keeping our values and learning from our past will help us see the future clearly.”

Practical lessons learned and wisdom which we get from the struggle of our forefathers are valuable for the future of our continent, Demeke emphasized.

Our forefathers fought for independence, freedom and liberation of our continent, the Deputy Prime Minister said, and noted “we just need to learn from this sacrifice. You are now called all for the second liberation of Africa from poverty and underdevelopment.”

Women and Social Affairs Minister, Ergogie Tesfaye said that Africa is expected to pay attention to the development of technology and innovation.

She added that the young human capital in Africa, therefore, should be equipped with problem solving and quality education.

“Establishing the system for Pan-African Youth Summit might be very important step to mitigate the multifaceted youth problems in Africa and this may contribute in creating working environment to link and develop the African history and culture for the future benefit,” Minister Ergogie stressed.

African Youth Development and Excellence Center Director-General, Fuad Gena said on his part that the youth should be given the space to excel.

According to him, empowering today’s generation is the only chance to end poverty, hanger, and improve climate change.

The summit will deliberate on policy and thematic areas of digitalization and social media to nurture African youth and foster job creation.

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