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April 21, 2021
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Dozens reportedly massacred in Western Ethiopia

The Oromo Liberation Front is still carrying out massacres in Wollega. In Southern Ethiopia, it has reportedly killed 8 others including ruling party official  


Wollega, in the western part of Ethiopia, has been one of the places in the country where a recurring massacre of civilians takes place. 

In its latest round of killing spree, the militant wing of Oromo Liberation Front  (OLF) reportedly massacred at least 29 civilians in Horo Guduru zone,Jarete district. 

It happened last Saturday as residents in the district were gathering on the eve of Lent in the traditions of the Ethiopian church, according to a report by Wazema Radio. 

OLF gunmen entered the Ethiopian church in the district and shot dead the head of the church. 

The source, which cited relatives of the victims, added that it took away 28 others into Gerji bushes where they opened fire and massacred all of them. 

Bodies of the victims were recovered on Sunday and laid to rest in the same locality. 

Residents of the districts are cited as saying that the security gap was created as the militia in the district and Oromo regional state special forces were deployed to another location, unspecified, to “battle Oromo Liberation Front – Shane gunmen.” 

Oromo Liberation Front gunmen had information about the security vacuum, Wazema Radio report added. 

The incident has caused another internal displacement. Residents of the district where the massacre took place abandoned their homes and moved to the neighboring areas in the region. 

The Oromo regional States has been claiming that OLF was no longer in a position to pose danger to civilians in the region. At this writing the regional state did not issue a statement regarding the latest incident in the East Wollega region.

Ethiopian State media did not give coverage to the massacre, at this writing. 

Hundreds of civilians, and in most cases the victims are ethnic Amharas, have been massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia in a litter over six months of time. 

In a related development, Oromo Liberation Front gunmen reportedly killed 8 people in Amaro district of Southern Ethiopia and Guji zone of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia.  One of the victims is said to be the ruling Prosperity Party’s branch office head in Amaro district.  The news is confirmed by state media outlets like Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC). 


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