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June 18, 2021
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Does Abiy sees series of demonstrations as an attempt to usurp power?


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday had a meeting with heads of regional states and National Electoral Board of Ethiopia officials.

The sixth general election, faced with low voter registration, was the topic of the meeting. In the video shared below, inputs from the participants of the meeting are not observed. Abiy Ahmed dominated the meeting and talked about the election in a sense of urgency and priority.

The Prime Minister tended to paint the security crisis that claimed hundreds of lives in central Ethiopia (Amhara region) and public anger in the form of demonstrations differently. He emphasized “the way to power is only election.”

He described forces that are massacring Ethiopians, and it has become clear that it is primarily targeting Amhara, as “sell outs who are sneaking in bypassing security apparatus.”

“The Ethiopian Defense Force, Federal Police and regional security forces are paying sacrifice every day in an effort to defend citizens, the people and ensure security,” he said.

His understanding of the demonstrations in several cities in the Amhara region seems to be rather misleading. Does he paint as attempts of usurping power? Watch the video below and the judgment is yours.

Video : embedded from Fana TV YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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