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June 14, 2021
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Divers pull body of a missing mother-of-two from van that was found at bottom of murky pond after her family hired a private investigator who discovered the vehicle

The body of a mom who vanished without a trace over a month ago has been found entombed in a car that was at the bottom of a murky pond.

Almaz Gebremedhin’s body was found on Sunday by a private search and rescue team who uncovered a car in the Muddy Creek Farms pond located at in Wylie in Dallas, Texas.

The mom-of-two had been missing since October 2, when she left her home at 5am in the 1500 block of Windward and had not been seen since.

Since police had no leads in the case, Gebremedhin’s family hired a private search and rescue firm from Illinois to comb the local area in the hope of finding her.

On Sunday they used sonar equipment at the pond and discovered her silver Chevrolet Venture car.

The private firm contacted Wylie authorities with their finding.

Wylie Police Officers were then dispatched to the area to assist in the search as well as Collin County Sheriff’s Office Dive team.

The family was immediately notified by Wylie Investigators of the gruesome discovery.

Gebremedhin, 42, leaves behind her husband, a 10-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter and lived with her husband and mother, according to a family friend.

Her church and family had previously held a candle vigil prayer at the St Michael Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Garland to pray for her to be recovered.

The case is still under investigation as to how the vehicle ended up in the pond.

Rescue:The mom-of-two had been missing since October 2, when she left her home at 5 a.m.

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