Digital Ethiopia Strategy 2025 Ground for Private Sector Engagement in Digital Economy: Ministry

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July 24/2021(ENA)Ethiopia’s digital strategy lays foundational elements to create fertile ground for competitive private sector engagement in the digital economy, according to Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MoIT).

Digital Transformation Program Office Digital Ecosystem and Regulatory Unit Director at the ministry, Khalid Ahmed told ENA that the Digital Ethiopia Strategy 2025 approved in mid June 2020 put the burden on the government since the private sector is not expected to build infrastructure.

The government builds the infrastructure, including connectivity, power, e-governance, digital ID and cyber security, he said, adding that this would enable customers to get affordable services.

Many institutions have been broadly engaged in reforms and implementation of digital projects to facilitate the digital economy plan, it was learned.

“The coming of new telecom service providers into the country will bring competition in the sector, increases service access, and delivers affordable service that will attract the private sector,” the director explained.  

Khalid pointed out that implementing the strategy to leverage the potential and build digital economy may face some challenges such as lack of public awareness and human resource, reluctance to digital adoption and financial shortage.

INSA Director-General Shumete Gizaw said his organization has aligned its activities with the strategy.

“We are implementing national security frameworks, policy and strategies at national, institutional and personal level,” he stated.

Shumete underscored the need to create favorable conditions and build digital literacy to facilitate the digital economy.

The rapid development of the education sector and the presence of several educational institutions are advantageous to produce expertise personnel in technology and innovation as inputs to the strategy, the director-general pointed out.

The Digital Ethiopia Strategy 2025 is designed to realize the country’s digital potential and leverage technology to build digital economic development aligned with national development plans.

The World Bank has approved 200 million USD concession loan agreement for the implementation of Digital Ethiopia Strategy 2025.

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