Diasporas Urged to Continue Supporting War-Affected Fellow Ethiopians

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Addis Ababa May 12/2022 /ENA/ The Ethiopian Diaspora should continue supporting and rehabilitating Ethiopians affected by the invasion of the terrorist TPLF, some members of the diaspora in the U.S. said.

Speaking to ENA, Samrawit Biratu, a member of the Ethiopian Diaspora in USA, said the diaspora have to contribute their part to the effort in rehabilitating those affected by the invasion.

A huge number of Ethiopian Diaspora live in USA, Europe, and other parts of the world, Samrawit noted, adding that they need to rehabilitate fellow victims of the war.

She pointed out that Diasporas have a lot of resources including money, time and knowledge at their hand and they have to put these resources in to use for Ethiopia.

“ Each of us has an obligation to do our part with our money,  time and knowledge to make sure that we are helping our fellow Ethiopians that have been affected by the war… We have to help people that have been pushed out of areas that the war has affected, Afar and Amhara regions, with our money and time.”

Moreover, she strongly urged the diaspora to continue rallying against the harmful and unfair draft bills HR6600 and S3199.

Both bills are sanctions that would aggravate the socio-economic crisis created by the war in the country, Samrawit stressed.

The bills would negatively affect the socio-economic and foreign policy of Ethiopia rather than promoting peace, democracy and stability of the country, she pointed out, adding that this is an act of pulling Ethiopia in a way that US wants, which is not correct.

The draft bills “do have very bad effect on Ethiopia in regard to economic, trade, foreign policy, development, growth and in all other aspects.”

Another diaspora from the same country, Adugna Biratu said on his part the diaspora in Florida have been actively engaged in rehabilitating areas affected by the terrorist TPLF.

Adugna, who represents the diaspora community in Florida to mobilize fund, disclosed that 125,000 USD has been mobilized and collected to rehabilitate regions affected by the war.

He stated that the diaspora community in Florida has sent a group that will examine the situation in the two regions to further strengthen their support.

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