Diaspora Urged to Actively Engage in Rehabilitating Victims of Terrorist TPLF

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January 26/2022/ENA/  The diaspora who came to Ethiopia responding to the Great Homecoming Initiative said their visit was an opportunity to witness the destruction caused by the terrorisit TPLF and call on all members of the diaspora to actively engage in the rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the country.

Tihut Asfaw, one of the members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in USA, told ENA that she visited places in both Amhara and Afar region that have been impacted by the terrorist TPLF along with other diaspora members.

Describing her visit, she said “we spent so much time with the people during the holidays and that was wonderful and rewarding. We have also visited wounded soldiers in hospitals as well as active soldiers. In fact we celebrated Christmas with them … We have been doing that all over the areas that have been impacted by the conflict.”

Tihut pointed out that a lot has to be done to rehabilitate and reconstruct the areas and called upon all diaspora members to channel their knowledge and resources to help the people affected by the destructive acts of the terrorist group.  

“Our trip has reveled to us that there is so much work that needs to be done and we have to put all our efforts and resources together to support the reconstruction and rebuilding of the nation. And I take this opportunity to call upon all diaspora members all over the world to join hands to stand together.”

Another member of the diaspora from the same country, Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam said his stay in Ethiopia has been pleasant and very much encouraging.

The information he had before coming to Ethiopia was bad and foretold disaster and collapse. But once he got here, the professor found Ethiopia and Ethiopians confident in everything.

“News and information I had before coming to Ethiopia was bad, disaster, and collapse. But, once I got here, I found that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are confident in themselves, confident in everything and rock-solid. I am very pleased.”

During his stay in Ethiopia, he had traveled to many places and published a ten-point plan the diaspora can do to rehabilitate and reconstruct the areas devastated by the terrorist group.  

“A couple of weeks ago I published a ten-point plan that diasporas can do in Ethiopia. It covers all range of things from construction of temporary schools, clinics and facilities to creation of a peace bond so that the diasporas can invest in peace in Ethiopia, especially in post-conflict reconstruction and other activities.”

The plan will enable to rehabilitate areas impacted by terrorist TPLF, he pointed out, adding that it has short-term, mid-term and long-term aspects that will hopefully be put in action in the foreseeable future.

A member of the diaspora from Australia, Ayalew Hundessa said on his part that his visit and trip to Ethiopia is a mix of everything.

“It is a mix of everything. First of all, I feel proud for being here showing solidarity to the Ethiopian people and the motherland. And I am very sad to see the damage that was perpetrated by terrorist TPLF.”

Ayalew revealed that he has mobilized and contributed about 225,000 USD to victims of the terrorist TPLF in Amhara and Afar regions.

He also plans to continue mobilizing the diaspora in Australia to support the post-conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in areas impacted by terrorist TPLF.

“Hopefully we will play a good role in the rehabilitation and rebuilding activities in the areas that have been damaged,”Ayalew said, adding that they will continue fighting things against the national interest of Ethiopia and until the country gets its proper place in the international stage.

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