Diaspora Digital Army Playing Crucial Role in Reversing Int’l Information War on Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa December 16/2021/ENA/ The digital army formed by the Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia has been playing a crucial role in reversing the well-coordinated international information war on Ethiopia, according to the coordinators.

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Among the coordinators of the digital army, Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) President Deacon Yoseph  Teferi and #NoMore Movement member, Nebiyu Asfaw, were approached by the Ethiopian News Agency.

EACC President Deacon Yoseph said the ongoing social media campaigns by the Ethiopian  digital army around the world to denounce the US Administration “will prevent the sun from setting in Ethiopia.”

The Ethiopian Diaspora, friends and proponents of the country’s sovereignty around the world are making great strides in fighting the unjust Western powers approach via social media platforms, he noted.

Through the social media campaigns that started fend off the pressure on Ethiopia and psychological warfare against Ethiopians, black Africans around the world and many whites have been fighting for justice and truth.

The president added that a coordinated and sustainable movement is being carried out by members of the diaspora to reaffirm Ethiopia’s role in the liberation struggle of black people.

The social media army was formed to fight economic, diplomatic and other international pressures against Ethiopia; and that would enable the diaspora and friends of Ethiopia to contribute their share, Deacon Yoseph stated.

According to him, the close to 15,000 digital army members have brought about huge achievements in the struggle to explain Ethiopia’s version of truth and oppose injustice by the Western neo-colonial powers.

“In nine months, we made more than one hundred million tweets to testify about Ethiopia and correct ill-intended narratives by the Western media outlets. We have about 15,000 army members engaged in the digital world that is meant to respond and explain the truth of Ethiopia on this Twitter platform alone,” according to Deacon Yoseph.

Nebiyou Asfaw, one of the coordinators of the #NoMore Movement said on his part that the diaspora is not only tackling the information war waged against the country but also mobilizing support to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the terrorist TPLF.

With the conspiracy against Ethiopia spreading from the international media to the US Congress, he noted that many diplomatic decisions have been thwarted by coordinated campaigns.

The social media movement is now transformed into a chapter that reverses and exposes the demonizing narrative of the Western discourse as they have continued to stand in favor of the terrorist TPLF, the group causing massive destructions and humanitarian catastrophe, Nebiyou underscored.         

“The Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia in the digital army have, for instance, contributed a lot in the rejection of ‘Declaration of Genocide in Tigray’ from the US National Defense Authorization Act.”  

According to the coordinator, “the digital army is getting many decisions reversed in its relentless phone and email campaigns with Congress members.”

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