Dialogue Commissioner Calls on Business Community to Provide Support for National Project

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Addis Ababa August 3/2022/ENA/ National Dialogue Commissioner Prof. Mesfin Araya has called on the Ethiopian business community to provide financial and other necessary supports for the national consultation project to succeed without any foreign interference.

Chairperson of the commission told ENA that the national consultation project is the agenda of Ethiopians set to realize sustainable peace and development by building consensus.

The lack of peace in a country disrupts economic and social activities, which in turn affects mainly the business community, he noted.

The dialogue is thus an inclusive national agenda that includes the business community too.

Therefore, the success of the national dialogue requires all-round support, including the active  participation of the business community in particular, the commissioner said.

As the Ethiopian agenda should be guided by its own finance, power and knowledge, the commission will not seek financial assistance from foreign institutions and it is prohibited by decree, he pointed out.  

Hence, financial and labor support of the business community is crucial so that the agenda would not be manipulated by foreign forces due to shortage of funds, Prof. Mesfin emphasized.

The chairperson further stated that the commission will discuss about raising fund with the business community.

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