Dev’t Projects Built With Over 42 Bln Birr in Oromia Region to Become Operational

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June 27, 2022 (ENA) More than 20,000 various development projects built with a total cost of over 42 billion Birr in Oromia Regional State have been completed, Chief Administrator of the region, Shimelis Abdisa disclosed.

Briefing the Media on performance of the concluding Ethiopian budget year, Chief Administrator of the region, Shimelis Abdisa said the region has registered remarkable achievements during the budget year in executing the various development projects despite many challenges.

The regional state has managed to construct more than 20,000 projects at a cost of 42.65 billion Birr and made ready for public service, he noted.

The completed projects include potable drinking water, small scale irrigation dams, hospitals, schools and other vital social and economic service providing schemes, he said.

The regional government has been able to improve the project management performance by completing projects that are planned to be executed during the current budget year, the Chief Administrator stated.

The development projects were carried out by the government in collaboration with various development partners and the public.

The completed projects are expected to benefit more than 28 million inhabitants of the region.

The projects will be operational within 30 days starting from today, it was indicated.

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