Deputy PM Visits Liberated Areas from Gashena to Woldiya

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December 20/2021/ENA/ Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen has visited liberated areas from Gashena to Woldiya in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

During his visit, he witnessed the damage caused by the terrorist TPLF group and discussed with various sections of the community, including Archbishop Abune Ermias of North Wollo Diocese.

Abune Ermias briefed Demeke about the atrocities committed by the terrorist group in Woldiya and its environs and described the struggle made by the community to overcome the problem.

Demeke, on his part thanked Abune Ermias for his great efforts in stabilizing the city and preventing it from being harmed.

He demanded to make  their assistances as consistent as possible in the future including in investigating and identifying the damages caused by the terrorist group.  

The Deputy Prime Minister has on Saturday visited Lalibela town and the UNESCO world heritage site, the rock-hewn churches located in the town of Amhara Regional State.

It is to be recalled that the historical town of Lalibela was recently liberated from the captivity of the terrorist insurgent group, TPLF.

Demeke visited the churches and monasteries in the surrounding areas where residents of the town briefed him about the atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF during its occupation of the areas.

It was reported that the terrorist TPLF soldiers had abused residents, destroyed and looted infrastructures in  Lalibela including the historical and religious antiquities of the churches and monasteries.

A priest told the Deputy PM that “The group has vandalized all the properties of the residents. The magnitude of the looting is unexplainable. . They have also committed other atrocities including beating of the people of the town indiscriminately with all ages. No one is left including me. The militants of the group have also raped a number of women.”  

During the occasion, the Deputy Prime Minister said the terrorist group has committed all crime to dismantle Ethiopia, adding the group has attempted every opportunity to destroy the country’s religious institutions, culture, history and  economy.

He added the terrorist TPLF showed its cruelty even by killing animals and deliberately attacking innocent people with a view to weaken the society for centuries.

“The atrocities and brutal act committed by the group are something that had never been witnessed in the history of Ethiopia. After slaughtering the cattle of the farmers, the invader  used the farming tools of the farmers to cook food. This demonstrates the magnitude of the cruelty of the group,”  Demeke said.

He commended the efforts being made by Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia across the globe through the #No More movement with a view to counter the campaign orchestrated against Ethiopia and isolate the country from the rest of the world by few elements of the international community.  

The deputy PM has also called up on all Ethiopians to further enhance their unity in order to avert the existing challenges the country is facing.  

Coordinated efforts are underway to rehabilitate the victims by the terrorist group in a short period of time and provide assistance to all places.

It is to be recalled that the group has caused enormous damage on several infrastructures in Lalibela Churches, including Lalibela International Airport.

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