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Defeated TPLF is retreating

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Lying and disseminating shameless and misleading information to the international community has now become a typical identity of the terrorist group which fashionably called itself Tigray Liberation Front while in fact it has confined the population to a regional concentration camp from where it recruits underage children and child soldiers it forcefully abducts from their homesteads.

Looking back at the history of this terrorist group that is composed of hooligans one can easily discern that it is based on lies right from day one of its establishment.

Terrorist TPLF’s make-believe fairy tale that it has withdrawn from Amhara and Afar regions after losing  a whole generation of the youth in Tigray in significant numbers for its fascistic bonanza of terror and untold extermination.

The truth is few terrorist forces have escaped to Tigray in utter humiliation and despair while the rest have perished or are roaming from village to village similar to animals caught in cages. There was no retreat but life saving escape after burying their 12 generals who deserted from the ENDF. The terrorist militants are under annihilation from the Afar and Amhara states by the National Defence Forces and regional forces.

The international community is well aware of the presser issued by Tsadikan who boasted that the war was over and as his forces are entering Addis Ababa, there is no need for dialogue or any level of negotiations. Now after the terrorist army has been totally decapitated they are begging the international community to believe them as if they are retreating per the various recommendations of few western countries that they addressed as their “friends.” Of course, unlike other leaders of the terrorist, Tsadikan, admitted that the terrorists have been defeated by the ENDF and regional forces.

Getatachew Reda and others are still lying, which has become not only a way of life in terrorist TPLF group but has also become a sub-culture and a psychotic ritual practiced by terrorists who boast of  as self-styled liberator.

The immoral culture of lying and the daylight manipulation they are trying to show is making the international community to perceive them as an inverted image in the pinhole camera they themselves have manufactured.

Terrorist TPLF tried to organize a hero’s welcome for its wounded and decapitated few fighters that made it to Mekele but was confronted with thousands of mothers who were inquiring the whereabouts of their children. There was no hero and therefore no welcoming ceremony.  

Terrorist TPLF has a totally distorted self image and requests the impossible, a no fly zone in a territory of a sovereign country. This terrorist organization has no legal right to communicate directly with the UN systems or any foreign country without the prior approval of the federal government. They have no legal right to directly forward any demand to the international community. Terrorist TPLF has declared that they will go to hell to destroy Ethiopia and are now talking about peace, negotiations in their most chameleonic fashion cuddled with lies.

Where did all those bragging about a transition government, putting the Prime Minister to court and establishing a de-facto government go? The point is their spokesman Getachew Redda likes to listen to his own voice in terrorist TPLF TV bluffing about everything under the Ethiopian skyline.

The cry wolf tell tale of terrorist TPLF can never be heeded by citizens in Tigray or the rest of Ethiopia ;  this terrorist organization are hastening to their fox holes in Kola Tembien.

The western misinformation media are parroting on the claims that terrorist TPLF is claiming that it has made a tactical retreat to Mekele to lure the ENDF to the city making it vulnerable to the attack from the terrorists but now they are no more retreating to Mekele but to Kola Tembien for their hibernation and possible annihilation.

The international community needs to verify the rhetoric from reality and refrain from being guided by the propaganda of the media outlets of the western hemisphere, of course many of them, are TPLF mouthpiece.  On the other hand, the UN system and the major western countries must stop comparing and equating a sovereign state with a crippled terrorist organization that is criminal.

History will register TPLF as a social scum that cropped up in Tigray under the guise of liberation but has now become a protagonist of savagery, inhumanity and anti-human civilization.

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