Days Are Numbered for TPLF

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Terrorist TPLF was formed 47 years back in February 1975 by ethno-nationalist bigots and enraged haters who vowed to clandestinely destroy the history and the statehood of Ethiopia and replace it with a remorseless fascist regime braced towards forming greater Tigray through shameless and vandalistic irredentism.

During its for 27 years, thousands were castrated, maimed, killed and decapitated and molested in the official and secret dungeons of the regime.

However, between 2015-2018, despite the declaration of a 10-month state of emergency by the in the country, an irreversible discontent rancor, rage and rebellions in Amhara and Oromia regions on the issues of ethnic identity, economic marginalization and maladministration mesmerized the public attention and triggered the removal of TPLF for its iron-fist rule of the federal government.

TPLF Born to Destroy Ethiopia

However, TPLF leaders who dominated the EPRDF coalition for almost three decades regretted having lost their supremacy in the central government of Ethiopia and pulled back to Mekelle. Towards addressing popular public grievances, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took series of swift measures—i.e reforms, with a view to correcting past mistakes, heralding many hopes among fellow Ethiopians, within or outside as well as among many African countries.

However, the TPLF group did everything possible to disrupt the political and economic reforms being undertaken by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Ethiopians across the nation were forced to witness several destabilizations, killings, abductions, internal conflicts—which were masterminded by ring leaders of TPLF. The plots were, of course, co-organized, financed and implemented, with the supports extended to terrorist TPLF from foreign dark forces. Since the group has amassed a lot of Ethiopia’s wealth during close to three decades rule, it has also been involving several internal and international anti- peace elements in its effort to destabilize Ethiopia just to fulfill its lust for power through unconstitutional manner.  

As part of their destabilization activities, the leaders of the TPLF arrogantly defied the mandate of the federal government. To this end, they conducted illegal and unconstitutional regional elections on September 8, 2020 in Tigray, breaching the constitution of the country with a view to igniting havoc across the country.  

Tireless effort of the federal government to uphold peace

The federal government of Ethiopia made tireless efforts to bring the TPLF group to the peaceful path with constructive engagements, demonstrating extraordinary patience that words cannot explain. From the outset, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pleaded TPLF that the people of Tigray had endured consequences of war—and hence, underscoring the need not to plunge the people into war again.  Abiy also  tried to persuade TPLF leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, pleading for peace in recognition of what consequences war would unleash for Ethiopians and citizens in Tigray in particular, but the TPLF categorically rejected the offer for peace.

On the other hand, religious leaders and elderly people, which by the Ethiopian society, are  highly regarded and respected,  made two rounds of trips to Mekelle to plead for peace but were mocked at. Terrorist TPLF refused to listen to the efforts made by the government and other segments of the society. And finally, on the 3rd of November, 2020 the TPLF attacked the Northern Command of the ENDF and other outpost brigades massacring hundreds of officers who were keeping peace in Tigray and providing development assistance to the people in the region. The group had destroyed and robbed significant amount of Ethiopia’s military capability as more than 70 percent of national defense force was based in the region to protect the nation. Hence, many considered this act of the terrorist TPLF as a grave treason committed against Ethiopia aimed at dismantling its existence as a nation. If the government and people of Ethiopia did not take strong and speedy actions to enforce law and order in that part of Ethiopia, the danger against the country’s integrity would have been worst.  

Humanitarian Ceasefires

After the law enforcement operation, the federal government of Ethiopia in collaboration with other regional states had exerted efforts to stabilize Tigray region and strengthen all important development activities by establishing interim regional government comprised of various political parties and prominent personalities from within the region. After serving the people of Tigray for 8 months starting June 29, 2021, the government declared a unilateral ceasefire to assist the farmers in the region not to miss the farming season due to the provocative acts of the group that disregarded the wellbeing of the people in the region. Accordingly, the Ethiopian National Defense Force withdrew from the region. The government also did everything in its power to help the people in the region to get humanitarian aid by facilitating outlets to the international humanitarian organizations.

However, the terrorist TPLF continued with its belligerent acts using the humanitarian ceasefire  for its ill-intentions. After getting prepared for months, the terrorist TPLF invaded Amhara and Afar regions on October 8, 2021 and disseminated false news stories in tandem with international media alleging that TPLF was attacked by the ENDF. Terrorist TPLF mobilized large human wave as a strategy—cannon fodder and invaded North Wollo, South Wollo, and parts of North Gondar Zone as well as Afar, committing  civilians mass killings, rape, deliberate destruction of infrastructure and service delivery institutions, resulting in massive displacement of people from the two regions.

 TPLF militants murdered hundreds civilians in Galikoma in Afar, and earlier, the Samri killing squad of the terrorist group massacred civilians at Maikadra, Humera.  The terrorist group also perpetrated massacring in other areas such as Chena in North Gondar, Kobo, Alamata, Diesse, Kombolcha and in several districts and cities across the Amhar region. The widespread attacks and massacres by the terrorist group disrupted the smooth flow of humanitarian aid to the people in Tigray.  

The international media and the major powers in West were mute about TPLF’s savage atrocities.

Days Are Numbered for TPLF

The terrorist TPLF had deliberately and by choice wasted a number of opportunities presented to it by the government of Ethiopia with a view to settling the matter through peaceful mechanisms. By now, the people of Tigray are fed up by TPLF endless lies and false propaganda. The people of Tigray have now started to fully understand the fact that TPLF has no sympathy to them as it has betrayed them by using hunger as a tool. TPLF forcefully drove hundreds of thousands of Tigray youth to war fronts to perish for nothing.

It prevented children in Tigray not only by recruiting them for war but also by using their schools and universities as barracks for militants. The group stored huge amount of food in its secret stores in Alamata, Kobo, Shire and other towns while the people of Tigray were under the verge of famine. This has been clearly demonstrated during the recently rallies by Tigrayans held in Addis Ababa and the subsequent public gatherings. They boldly extended a strong message saying ‘Enough is Enough!’

The Ethiopian Nations Defense Force has also been liberated several areas in Tigray as the terrorist TPLF opened the third round of war by rejecting the repeatedly calls for peace by the government. In total violation of a five month ceasefire, terrorist TPLF started the third round of war in the Amhara region by invading Kobo but the ENDF organized a blitzkrieg counter offensive in which the whole Amhara region and Afar are liberated and continued liberating many areas in Tigray region.

However, some members of the international community including the US and UN have continued their efforts to save the terrorist TPLF. The international multi-national consortium of global conspiracy on Ethiopia was meant to save terrorist TPLF at the expense of hundreds thousands of youth who are perished at war fronts. They (West) have no interest in saving the lives of the people of Tigray because they never condemned the use of child soldiers, looting, storing of relief food for terrorist TPLF militants. They never were interested in the lives of the people of Ethiopia as long as they can effectively support the terrorist organization to destabilize the country. As one American political analyst said TPLF would not be so bold to launch a new round of war unless the group has some kind of signal of support coming from outside Ethiopia both from the region and internationally. But all these international conspiracies have been thwarted by the people and government of Ethiopia’s unreserved determination to the sovereignty and national integrity of the country.  And now the days of TPLF are numbered.   

Ethiopians have conveyed clear message to the international Community

The western powers and their media never acknowledge Ethiopia’s legitimate authority to defend its statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is not without the support of the West that TPLF launched attacks on the government and people of Tigray. TPLF has been emboldened by diplomatic, logistic, media supports of the Western world.

But now, things have now been changing. The ongoing undue interference and pressure against Ethiopia have been futile thanks to the courageous people of Ethiopia and the gallant defense forces of the country. The ENDF is now in control of several places in Tigray region.

In the recent rallies that were staged across the country, the people of Ethiopia have once more demonstrated that they are in unison to fight against western conspiracies and their treacherous actions to save the terrorist TPLF and would standby with citizens in Tigray. The people of Ethiopia raised its voice to the world that it will stand guard to protect the country’s sovereignty from any foreign forces expressing their readiness to stand for Ethiopia under any circumstances. They have also condemned the wrong attitude of some western institutions, individuals and the media towards Ethiopia following the war waged by the terrorist TPLF against the country. The voice raised by the people of Ethiopia signifies the fact that the efforts being exerted by some western countries and international organizations to save TPLF is nothing but waste of efforts as it is the usual futile attempts that had been extensively carried out through a number of mechanisms to weaken Ethiopia.     

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