Czech Will Continue Supporting Dev’t, Prosperity of Ethiopia: Ambassador Mikeš

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October 30/2021(ENA) Czech Ambassador to Ethiopia, Pavel Mikeš said his country will continue supporting development efforts of Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassador stated that Ethiopia and Czech cooperate in many areas.

He said the recent formation of a new government in Ethiopia “is a very good start.”

“We feel the reform is really starting, and we have to support Ethiopia on this reform path,” Ambassador Mikeš stated.

As our country also came from dictatorship to democracy like Ethiopia, we can share our  experiences, he noted, adding that Czech will happily support the development and prosperity of Ethiopia.

Furthermore, ambassador stated that the two countries have cooperation at international arena.

According to the ambassador, Czech and Ethiopia usually support each other at the United Nations and other international organizations.

“Ethiopia is (also) an important business partner for Czech,” Ambassador Mikeš  pointed out.

Czech exports machinery, chemicals, food and other items to Ethiopia, while Ethiopia exports coffee, gold, and horticulture to Czech.

There are joint Ethio-Czech businesses, especially in coffee business, it was learned.

The two countries established diplomatic relations in the late 1940s.

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