Coups in Africa Manifestations of Increasing Foreign Intervention

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Addis Ababa October 29/2021 /ENA/ The increasing military coups in Africa are manifestations of the ever-increasing foreign intervention in the continent, according to an Ethiopian political scientist and international relations expert.

There have been over 200 coup d’etat in post-colonial Africa and 16 of these took place in neighboring Sudan.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Political scientist and international relations expert Rebuma Dejene said Africa suffered from coups especially during the Cold War period.

Most of the present African leaders came to power during that period, he stated.

In recent years, the west African countries Mali and Guinea faced similar fate and the military government in Sudan ousted the civilian wing and took power.

At present, coup d’etat in Africa are on the increase like in the Cold War, according to the expert..

According to him, the involvement and intervention of Western powers and Arab countries has become more apparent in coup d’etat taking place in Africa, he noted.

These countries obviously need puppet governments that carry out their agendas and will indirectly work to bring to power governments they want by all means, Rebuma elaborated.

In the post-Cold War period, the European countries want African governments that ensure the implementation of their policies and strategies in many ways, he added.

“Africa has huge resources and is important geo-strategically  speaking. There are also obvious economic interests as the continent has huge population.”

The political scientist and international relations expert further pointed out that there is big involvement of foreign powers in Africa. The situations in Libya and the west Africa region are manifestation of these, he explained.

This has made Africa a laboratory for coup d’etat, Rebuma said, adding that the increase in coups demonstrates the meddling of foreigners in the affairs of the continent.

This unhealthy trend can only be corrected by African countries, creating a strong and stable economy as well as political stability, he noted.

So, Africans have to solve their own internal problems through their own means and even if they  need support from one another, the expert suggested.

The political expert also urged the African Union to play its part in keeping the continent free from foreign intervention.

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