Council Urges U.S. to Stand with Gov’t People of Ethiopia –

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Addis Ababa, December 24, 2021(Walta) – Ethio-American Development Council (EADC) has urged the Biden administration to stand with Ethiopians and the democratically elected government in Ethiopia.

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The council in its Twitter page stated that it is high time for the Biden administration to revise its foreign policy to maintain American values of supporting the democratically elected administration like Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and the people of Ethiopia to help them bring sustainable peace and tranquility in the nation in particular and in the Horn region in general.

U.S. has shown full tendency to back terrorist TPLF; even it has been supporting the group materially and provided with war logistics, satellite assistance to indicate where the Ethiopian troops are found, the council stated.

The terrorist group is defeated and forcefully withdrew from Amhara and Afar states as it could hardly resist the combined arm of Ethiopian security forces. We shall say #No More, No more!

According to its Twitter posted video footage of 4 News; one could see on the roads around the strategic town of Kombolcha, Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) has taken control of the town, but people heard saying that as terrorist TPLF rebel withdrew, they wrecked everything in their path taking what they could and destroying the rest, looting hospitals, food stores. Even stealing sewing machines from Woldia and Wollo universities classrooms set up for a practical experiment.

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