Council of Ministers Passes Resolutions on Various Issues

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March 26/2022 /ENA/ The Council of Ministers discussed today on various issues and passed resolutions, according to Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Accordingly, the council first discussed on the draft policy on Science, Technology and Innovation.

Office of the Prime Minister stated that various efforts have been made in 2012 to develop a science, technology and innovation policy based on the use, replication and adaptation of technology in medium, large manufacturing and service delivery institutions.

Despite some achievements obtained in the course of the implementation process of the policy, studies indicated that the efforts have not been successful in terms of bringing about fundamental changes, the Office of Prime Minister said in a statement.  

Therefore, it is crucial to develop a policy that provides special attention for the development of domestic technology, innovation and improve the technological capabilities of enterprises by strengthening their linkages with productivity.

In addition to agriculture and manufacturing, tourism, mining and ICT should also be supported by technology and innovation as a basis for national prosperity and development.  

As per these needs, a draft policy has been prepared and submitted to the council.

The council has discussed on the draft policy in depth and decided to adopt the inputs and implement the policy.

The council has also discussed and ratified the draft regulations to determine the organization, powers and functions of the Ethiopian Technology Authority, Ethiopian Space Science and Geospatial Institute, Federal Civil Service Commission, Ethiopian Agriculture Authority, Ethiopian Forest Development Authority, Animal Development Institute, Veterinary Institute, Manufacturing Industry Development Institute, Ethiopian Geological Institute,  Institute of Mining Industry Development and Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Finally, the council discussed on the proposed amendment of the National Intelligence and Security Service Establishment Proclamation.

The council after discussing in depth has submitted the draft to the House of Peoples’ Representatives for approval.

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