Continental Events to Strengthen African Unity will be Held in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa September 19/2022 (ENA) Various continental events aimed at strengthening African unity will be held in Addis Ababa as of today.

A national committee drawn from Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefed the media about the events.

National Committee Member and Democratization Center Secretary-General, Aklilu Tadesse said a dinner program aimed at strengthening unity will be held with embassies in the city and the program aims to strengthen African unity, especially the bond among the youths of the continent.

Stating that this generation should discharge the duty of liberating Africa from slavery like their forefathers, Aklilu said the greater role and participation of the youth in Africa is crucial in order to realizing the path to prosperity, reversing the pressure the continent has been facing due to  poverty.

Recalling Ethiopia’s outstanding role in the struggle to liberate Africa from colonialism, Aklilu stressed the need to combat poverty.

The dinner program aimed at consolidating the value of brotherhood among Africans will be held at the embassies of different African countries in Addis Ababa.

Thirteen African countries, South Korea and Cuba embassies will perform the program.

While a dinner event will start today at the Sudanese Embassy in Addis Ababa, the conference of influential young African leaders will also be held in October.

The program is realized in accordance with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s strong stance for African brotherhood.

Aklilu said the leaders who played a major role in the process of liberating Africa from slavery will be recognized in this program.

Former African leaders will also share their experiences to the youth during the events.

Moreover, Ethiopian youth will start planting tree seedlings in neighboring countries beginning on September 29.  

The tree planting event aims to repeat the African brotherhood with a green legacy and supports Africa’s efforts to combat the effects of climate change.

The plantation program will be undertaken in all neighboring countries and Rwanda.

National Committee Member and African Affairs Director General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Fissha Shawel on his part said the preparation of the event is to show Ethiopia’s good intents for Africa.

Fisseha said Africans are standing together more than ever now and Ethiopia is at the forefront.  

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