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My Condolence to Ethiopians and Ethiopia (Achamyeleh Tamiru)

My Condolence to Ethiopians and Ethiopia

I wish to express my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to all my Nuer brothers, sister and the bereaved families in these hours of grief. My condolences to all the massacred in Gambella. My prayers for your families and loved-ones.

148F359A-E35E-41FF-8B81-448751E92987_cx20_cy0_cw60_w1000_r1_s_r1I have heard the Weyyane condemning the Murle gangs inhuman act against our Nuer people in Gambella. This is an insult to our intelligence. Weyyane has no moral authority to condemn any form of killing. Weyyane itself is a licensed and certified mass murderer, and killer.

As I speak, Weyyane is killing innocent Ethiopians the same way as the Murle gangs did yesterday. If Ethiopians are serious in condemning the Murle gangs inhuman killing of our Nuer brothers and sisters, Weyyane, a vicious murderer on the throne that is known for its indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children, should also be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

After all, if Weyyane believes that it is a government for the people of Ethiopia, by now, it should have taken actions against the culprit Murle gangs wherever they are, just like what Kenya did the other time.

Does Weyyane have the moral courage to do that? I do not think so! Because;

1. The Weyyanes are cruel zombies, they cannot feel the pain of others.

2. The Weyyane doesn’t have a track record of protecting Ethiopians from any foreign criminal gangs raid and killing.

3. The Weyyane mafias have accumulated part of their stollen wealth and illegally acquired assets in South Sudan. So, they don’t want to put themselves in trouble.

4. The weyyanes are busy robbing the nation. So, they don’t have time to prepare and react in sympathy of the death of their subjects.
5. The Weyyanes don’t want to jeopardize their future relationship with South Sudan ( and the surrounding area) for their soon coming Greater Tigray republic, that will be achieved through annexation and incorporation of Gambella and Benshangul, shares borders with the Sudan and South Sudan to the West.

6. It is well documented that the Weyyanes own much of Gambella’s fertile land. I don’t think they would hesitate to see the entire Gambella land cleaned from the natives. Fore sure, the Weyyanes would like to see the Gambella land cleaned from all of its indigenous people, because the annexation of Gambella to the greater Tigray republic wouldn’t be easy unless all the “would be” obstacles for annexation are removed in advance. The Weyyanes have had enough life and experience of cleaning indigenous people before annexing their land to their greater Tigray. This is exactly what the Weyyane had done to the Amharas in Welkait, Tsegede, Humera and Northern Wollo before finally annexing their land to Tigray. That is why I said, Weyyanes would be happy to see Gambella cleaned from all of its indigenous people let alone imagination of retaliating their killers. Definitely, they will welcome and hug any killer of the natives in Gambella. They are now rushing ahead of time to meet Meles’s vision of forming the republic of greater Tigray by annexing Northern Gondar, Northern Wollo, Gambella and Benshangul to the “country” of the “golden people of Tigray”. To this end, for the Weyyanes, the Murle gangs inhuman act against our Nuer people in Gambella is action that paves the road for their “would be” republic.

7. After all, we all know that the soul of Ethiopians is nothing for Weyyane. Weyyane, a roving banding, is ruling the nation like a profit seeking colonial business firm that doesn’t care for its laborers. We all remember how the these roving mafias on the throne have handled the slaughtering of Ethiopians by the ISIS. The only “action” they have taken was to say that the “action of ISIS is condemnable, inhuman, harsh” while ISIS itself doesn’t deny the fact that its act is full of cruelty.

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