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Community Engagement:

Freedom of speech and good interaction can leads to community enlargement. What actually freedom of speech is? It is a right of every individual to express and to share their opinions and feelings. Everyone should be given this right to express and to talk about anything. By doing so there is a better interaction in the society, by this community engage and helps to grow through social interactions and expressing of thoughts and experiences. By this new ideas are explored and interaction amongst the people is increased and ultimately productivity is increased in the end.


Here is an example of community enlargement in Ethiopia. Some existing activates related to pregnant women forum (PWF) and health development army (HDA) meetings were considered and proved to be beneficial. Both developed together and help in the training of the HEWs. The PWF and HDA leader’s guides for meetings were developed in order to assist HEWs during these meetings. HEWs received the training guide and helped the community for the intervention.

Dealing with Covid-19:

Covid-19 is a tough and hard time for the people living in Ethiopia, as the economy sank, and people were not left with purchasing power as companies were unable to pay salaries to the employees. Living style started again moving towards a particular low level. In such hard times nonprofit organizations play their roles to help the people. Love In Action Ethiopia (LIAE) is a non-government and non profit organization, which helped the people who had no jobs a lot. They payed salaries to them and even gave them benefits in both monetary and non monetary forms, so that their life cycles keeps on moving. They have even payed the holiday allowance to the people though most people were not funding even but this organization keeps on doing their work for community engagement. The people who were on duties do not had the safety kits like gloves and masks with them, but LIAE provided them with the safety measures to keep them save from the deadly virus, as these people are on field most of the time.

Community can only engage as a whole only when people are interconnected with each other. People can be connected through personal mobile phones facilities, like WhatsApp, Facebook, email and other social sites. This was all about the social media connections to keep the people updated of the trends and latest news.

For community engagement media plays a major role. Both print media and electronic media plays an important role. Journalists are the major sources for upgradation of the latest trends of news and politics for both electronic and print media. Journalists are not given their rights of freedom of speech to speak or to write as per their will. Because the government has the fear that the journalists might write against them or podcast some news or talk shows on the bad performance of government in the country, they have a fear that they will lose their voters and supporters and ultimately they will not get the charge of the state. So the government has limited the newspaper publishing according to their own choice. They have limited the news channels, only international podcast of TV channels is focused. The journalists in early years were given punishments and long term locked up in jails, which are very deadly and dangerous. They are kept in a single dark cell, in which the person couldn’t even move. They were not allowed to go for the washroom even, only once in 24 hours. They were lied on stoned floor and human waste is placed on their body. In short they were kept in the worst circumstances. By this every journalist now have a fear and they even can’t speak up as per their will. Media plays an important role in community enlargement. The government should give the freedom of speech and rights to the journalists, so that circumstances of the country could be made better. People will be updated by the changing trends and can explore more opportunities through the print and electronic media.

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