Committee Appreciates Russian int’l Friendship Commitment. –

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Addis Ababa, January 20, 2022 (Walta) – The Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee of the HoPRs appreciated the unwavering commitment of the Russian Federation in standing together and supporting the causes of Ethiopia at international stages.

The Committee expressed its appreciation during the bilateral discussion held in the precinct of the Ethiopian Parliament, with the Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, His Excellence Yevgeny Terekhin.

Dimma Negewo (Ph.D.), Chairperson of the Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee expressed his appreciation to the Ambassador.

As to him, Russia has been always there whenever Ethiopia was exposed to adverse situations.

The Chairperson recalled, Russia’s ties with Ethiopia in all stakes, particularly in education deserve gratitude. Russia has been granting scholarships to Ethiopian students for so long and as a result, those who returned home are serving the country with the knowledge and skills gained from the Russian Universities and training centers, he mentioned.

Dimma requested the Ambassador to strengthen Russia’s cooperation with Ethiopia in all walks of bilateral ties. His specific request focused on extending the cooperation to the full scale economic and developmental wise.

Ambassador Yevgeny Terekhin on his part expressed his hope that the over century diplomatic relation between the two countries be maintained on a stronger basis.

Regarding Ethiopia, the Ambassador reminded, the country was one of the founding members of the UN and the OAU, which was the mother organization for AU from which the Union was born.

Ambassador Terekhin requested the Standing Committee to the effect that his country is looking forward to the ratification of the two accords by the Parliament, which were signed by the two countries.

He also expressed his willingness for strengthening the public diplomacy between the two countries by strengthening the friendship, according to HoPRs.

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