Commission Outlines Agendas of Upcoming AU Summit

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The agenda of the upcoming AU summit will include peace, security, and governance in addition to issues related to its theme of the year about nutritional food security, AU Commission Acting General Secretary Nouhou Thiam said.

The AU Commission Acting General Secretary has briefed journalists today about the summit that will start tomorrow.

“I will give you a couple of very important thematic topics which are highlighted in the agenda of the assembly. You will recall that part of AU decisions say the summit should focus on the key three following elements — peace and security, governance; issues pertaining to regional integration and financial aspects.”

He pointed out that there is annual report of the AU and its organs on specific thematic issues that will be presented by heads of state and champions, including issues on terrorism and violent extremism, humanitarian migration, malaria, implementing Agenda 2063, among others.

With regard to the preparations, he stated that the commission is working with the host government by combining collective wisdom for the successful ending of the event.

“We have seen very strong mobilizations from so many sectors, starting from the health sector. We had twice joint briefing between the commission and the host government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and security services. We do have regular consultations to combine our collective wisdom for the successful ending of the event. We will conclude the summit successfully as the country is used to be doing in right way always,” he underscored.

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