Commission Chair Discusses Progress of Dialogue Process with Speaker, Chief Administrators & Prosperity Party Office Head

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Addis Ababa October 12/2022 /ENA/The National Dialogue Commission Chairman has briefed House of People’s Representatives Speaker Tagese Chafo and Prosperity Party Office Head Adem Farah as well as chief administrators of the regional states about the progress of the national dialogue process yesterday.

National Dialogue Commission Chairman, Professor Mesfin Araya presented the plan, activities, and implementation of the dialogue process as well as procedures.

The chairman provided details about the risks in the national dialogue process and the cooperation required from partners.

House of People’s Representatives Speaker, Tagesse Chafo said stakeholders have reached consensus that dialogue is the only way to solve the challenges facing Ethiopia, and hence  create national consensus on basic issues.

The government has given special attention to the commission, he added.

The speaker stated that the work of the commission should be conducted cautiously and without external interference.

The sovereignty of the country and the interests of the people should be protected,Tagesse stated, stressing that Ethiopians have to also show that they can solve their challenges by themselves.

He believes that if all the stakeholders play their roles properly, the commission will achieve the objectives set.

Prosperity Party Office Head, Adem Farah stated that his party will work with the commission on four areas of focus, namely understanding, supporting, participating, and implementing.

Apart from actively participating as a stakeholder in the national dialogue, he said that the party has ensured that favorable conditions are created for the dialogue to be carried out with complete neutrality.

The ruling party office head requested the commission to uphold the balance between speed and quality, inclusiveness and participation, role of the commission and stakeholders, high efficiency and the support of local and foreign partners.

The regional chief administrators said on their part that Ethiopia’s problems are always solved through dialogue. Thus, supporting the National Dialogue Commission is a duty.

They promised to work with the commission to facilitate favorable conditions for its work in each region and ensure that conditions that deter the dialogue process do not occur.

They further assured the need to hold the national dialogue process in an inclusive, participatory and transparent manner, and support the commission to carry out its mandate at the scheduled time.

The chief administrators have promised to assist the National Dialogue Commission by creating a favorable working environment to achieve its mission on schedule.

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