Climate Change Causing Suffering in East African Countries: EMI Director General

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Addis Ababa, April 20/2022 /ENA/ Climate change induced challenges such as flood and drought are affecting African countries, especially East African countries, causing suffering on people’s livelihood, Ethiopian Meteorology Institute (EMI) Director General said.

To solve the problems, Fetene Teshome stated that it is necessary to strengthen meteorological infrastructure and service of the continent to set up modern data collection and improve service capacity.

Speaking at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Regional Associations I (Africa) Management Group that started in Addis Ababa today, the director general said the meeting will discuss building capacities in the meteorological service sector to provide improved services.

WMO Regional Office for Africa Director, Amos Makarau said on his part that flooding and drought have been affecting developing African countries.

Africans need to, therefore, use their own resources to provide meteorological services to overcome the challenges.

According to him, Ethiopia has used its potential to realize cloud computing technology and set an example for other Africans.

The recent drought in Ethiopia, repeated floods in East Africa and other effects of climate change continue to be a challenge for developing countries in the continent.

WMO has reportedly allocated 110 million USD for the modernization of its Africa office.

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