Civic Societies Vow to Contribute to Success of Nat’l Dialogue, Protect It from Interest Groups

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Addis Ababa August 4/2022/ENA/ The Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ECSOC) has vowed to contribute its share to the success of the National Dialogue and protect it from interest groups.

Speaking at the Civil Societies National Dialogue Reference Meeting today, ECSOC Executive Director Henok Melesse said the role of civil societies is very crucial to make the national dialogue successful.

It is not an ordinary business, he noted, adding that it is a grand political process that can have a significant impact on citizens and the country.

We are, therefore, finalizing our readiness to engage in the national dialogue, the executive director said.

According to him, the council has set up the National Dialogue Reference Committee to fully engage in the national dialogue process.

We have identified our roles and established various arrangements, Henok stated. The council has been working to formulate normative and legal frameworks.

That guides the council’s legal engagement in terms of the national dialogue.

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Advisor of the Ethiopian Civil Society Associations Council, Moges Demissie noted that civic society organizations have played a vital role in the most successful national dialogues around the world.

The civil society organizations council will also do everything to attain the objectives set out by the national dialogue framework, he added.

Moges stressed that the civic society organizations still prioritize national interest even if they  get most of their finance from foreign sources.

Our council will, therefore, do everything to protect the national dialogue process from various foreign interests, the advisor underscored.

“We have set up mechanisms to detect and ensure the process remains national.” 

Up until now, the council has been undertaking various measures, especially in terms of setting the context and preparing the ground for the national dialogue process.

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