China’s Sinopharm Working to Strengthen Partnership with African Countries

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Addis Ababa September 15/2022 (ENA)   China’s Sinopharm officials stated that the pharmaceutical company is working to strengthen health sector partnerships and expand the market in African countries.

During a press briefing, Sinopharm Chief Engineer Fu Qiang said the pharmaceutical company that has been catalyzing the overall China-Africa partnership is working to strengthen partnership with African countries stating that it cemented the partnership in the health sector of both sides.

Sinopharm has been supporting African countries with the necessary health kits and medicines and it has contributed to consolidating mutual trade relations.

The company has created huge impact in providing capacity-building training for more than a thousand health sector leaders and professionals of Africa, thereby supporting the sector, the chief engineer noted.

Sinopharm has also been supporting African countries to effectively fight against COVID-19 through sending Chinese medical professionals.  

The company has also forged some sort of collaboration with some African countries to start producing their own COVID-19 vaccine, Fu Qiang added.

Sinopharm International Marketing Manager, Dong Jun said the company is tirelessly working to strengthen its relations with African countries pointing out that it is working in partnership with African countries not only in vaccine production but also other important domestic medical market lines.

The company has carried out extensive scientific research to significantly enhance its innovation capacity to effectively deal with emerging public health threats by investing more than 2 billion USD, it was learned.

Sinoparm has gained international acclaim for its vast production of COVID-19 vaccine and contribution to the global effort to mitigate the pandemic.

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