China Donates 2.2 Mn Doses of Sino-pharm COVID-19 Vaccines to Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa January 20/2022/ENA/ Chinese government has donated some 2.2 million Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines to Ethiopia.

The Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa and the Ministry of Health signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding ) today for a hand over of  2.2 million doses of Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines the People and Government of China has donated to Ethiopia.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan and Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse  signed the MoU.

Briefing journalists today, Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tadesse lauded the Government and People of China  for the continuous support in the prevention effort of COVID-19 pandemic in Ethiopia.

Dr. Lia said that the current 2.2 million doses of Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines are  the 5th round donation of Chinese government support extended to Ethiopia over the year last year.

China has been supported a total of some 7.5 million doses of Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines to Ethiopia, she stated, noting that it has been greatly contributing for the access of COVID-19 vaccination to the community.

“Today’s donation is 2.2 million doses of Sino-pharm vaccine, which makes the total donations so far from the Government of China to 7.5 million doses of Sino-pharm vaccines, helping to access the vaccines to our community and protect from COVID-19 pandemic and help us in the mitigation of the pandemic,” she underscored.

The support of China to Ethiopia in the effort to mitigate the pandemic has not been limited to provision of COVID-19 vaccines rather China has also been supporting Ethiopia in prevention, treatment, detection and testing, she stated.  

Besides to the provision and donation of COVID-19 vaccines, China has been alongside with Ethiopia in support of  other sectors of the country, she pointed out.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan on his part said the arrival of 2.2 million vaccines to Ethiopia demonstrates that China is turning its commitments of friendship into visible and tangible outcomes.

China and Ethiopia are friendly countries that are supporting each other in time of hardship, he noted.

It is also a timely support that boosts Ethiopia’s confidence and capacity in copping up the pandemic, he said, adding that China will continue providing more vaccines to Ethiopia and other developing countries through various means so as to make greater contributions to equitable access to vaccines and an early victory over the pandemic.

The Ambassador stated “everyone knows China and Ethiopia are both brothers and sisters. We always support each other. We will continue to support Ethiopia to fight against COVID-19. And, in 2022, we will make more vaccines to deliver here .”

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