China Commits to Support Ethiopia’s Agricultural Sector: Official of Chinses Gov’t

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Addis Ababa August 15/2022 /ENA/ China is committed to supporting Ethiopia’s agricultural sector and working together, Director General of African Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Wu Peng said.

Director General Wu Peng made the statement while giving presser regarding the China -African relationship to African journalists who are attending a training in China.

According to him, the bilateral relations between China and African countries that started in  1956 have reached a high level in various development sectors.

Previous years of cooperation are sufficient evidence that China’s relationship with African countries is based on principles of friendship, fairness and mutual benefit, he said.

In particular, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (FOCAC), which was established four years ago, has made it possible for China-Africa to strengthen its partnership and stand together for a common goal.

Excellent results have been obtained in the nine new areas of cooperation that the forum has set in the past years ,he said, adding China is committed to achieving better results in the future.

According to him, Ethiopia is a country that has strong relations with China in various fields of cooperation, especially in the fields of manufacturing, construction and industry.

Ethiopia is a country with great potential to develop its agricultural sector, he said, adding that it has great potential to become the “bread basket of Africa”.

Noting that China is very interested in working together with Ethiopia in the agricultural sector, the Director General pointed out that there are many Chinese investors who want to participate in the sector.

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