Celebrated Ethiopian Athlete Urges Africans to Join ‘No More’ Campaign, Fight Neocolonialism

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 November 30/2021 (ENA)The prominent Ethiopian athlete, Haile G.Sellassie has urged black people to join the “No More” campaign against neocolonialism.

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Ethiopians at the moment are fighting the neocolonialism mentality and principle, he added.

Speaking to ENA, the athlete said some Western countries are interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia by taking democracy, humanity and other issues as cover.

Those powers are interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia to impose their  interest and neo-colonialist agenda in the name of democracy and other issues, he said, adding that Ethiopians are currently fighting against neocolonialism.

“We Ethiopians are fighting against neocolonialism mentality and principles,” he stated.

According to Haile, the current problem in Ethiopia is an internal one that could be solved by Ethiopians.

The West must understand that interfering in Ethiopia and trying to impose their interests is unacceptable, the athlete noted.

“Interference doesn’t work. They can do anything what they want. But, they can’t impose on us their agenda and what they wish or what they want.”

Ethiopians have been facing similar problems over the years, Haile stated, adding that under such circumstances they first fight the external enemy and return to solve their internal problems by themselves.

That is why Ethiopians across the globe are voicing their opposition against Westerner intervention in their internal affairs through the slogan “No More”, he explained.

The celebrated athlete and businessman appreciated African brothers and friends of Ethiopia for joining the hashtag “No More” to show their solidarity with Ethiopians in the fight against foreign intervention and undue pressure on Ethiopia.

He called on Africans and other friends of Ethiopia who haven’t joined the “No More” campaign so far to join the movement and fight neocolonialism under the disguise democracy.

“We Ethiopians are fighting against [neocolonialism]. I call on all Africans and black people or who have faced this problem before to join the ‘No More’ campaign. We have to say ‘No More’ because how many countries are going to be destabilized under the disguise of human rights and democracy?” he asked.

Haile also expressed his disappointment with those countries which are trying to evacuate their citizens from their embassies in Addis Ababa, when there is no danger or threat.

“I want to ask those countries which are ordering their citizens to evacuate from their embassies, offices or whatever, why are they leaving a country with so many years relationship? Is it fair to leave  even if there is a problem? How can you leave brothers and sisters in this way?”

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