By Africans for Africans by Nyala Motors – Ethiopian Business Review

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Nissan Navara PRO-4X pickup vehicle’s latest edition was presented to the public by Nyala Motors—the 50-year-old local representative of Nissan Motors. According to Mesfin Bogale, General Manager of the company, the “Nissan Navara PRO-4X” is a luxury vehicle that is both comfortable and having better safety features than other vehicles made by Nissan, while adding that it is also dependable, fuel-efficient, modern, and appropriate for the country.

The newly launched vehicle is offered in both double and single cabins. Though the general manager did not want to give prices as there are different models and modalities, he added that “anyone who is interested is welcome to visit our show rooms, located at our main office and at the ground floor of Sunshine Building, next to Hyatt Regency.”

Mesfin added that Nyala Motors had finished necessary plans to erect a car assembly plant on a sizable plot of land in Gelan. According to him, efforts are also being made for the company to manufacture cars in addition to assembly. He added that the business recognizes the changes in the auto sector and intends to import electric vehicles soon.

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