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April 21, 2021
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Breaking: Court acquits woman who was one of the main suspects in the assassination of Oromo artist Hachalu Hundessa

The late artist Hachalu Hundessa. Photo: Screengrab

By Mahlet Fasil @mahletfasil

Addis Abeba, February 25/2021 – The Federal High Court has today acquitted Lamrot Kamal, a woman who was one of the main suspects in the June 29/2020 assassination of prominent Oromo artist Hachalu Hundessa.

Lamrot was one of the four suspects on trial for the alleged involvement in the assassination of Hachalu. The other three are Tilahun Yami, the main suspect, Kebede Gemechu and Abdi Alemayehu .

Lamrot was the sole witness who was with Hachalu the night of his assassination. She was briefly detained and released in the first week of July 2020, but was rearrested a month letter where prosecutors filed the charges of conspiring to assassinate the artist. The Court has said there were no evidences proving her involvement and acquitted her of all the changes.

The court also ruled that there were sufficient evidences linking Tilahun Yami, the main suspect, to the assassination, and ruled for the suspect to defend the charges against him.

However, the court ruled that there was no sufficient proof linking the other two suspects, Kebede Gemechu and Abdi Alemayehu, directly to the killing, but they should defend charges of crimes related to failure to report the crime and intent of robbery. The Court has adjourned the defense hearing for the three until March 29 and 30/2021. AS

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