Break Vicious Cycle of Conflict and War, Says Ethiopian Scientist Professor Haregwein

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Addis Ababa January 4/2023 /ENA/ We must build a country that is suitable for the future generation by breaking the vicious cycle of conflict and war, the Ethiopian scientist Haregwein Assefa said.

She emphasize that Ethiopians need to get out of the vicious circle of war and conflict and rebuild a country suitable for the future generations.

The peace agreement reached to resolve the problem in northern Ethiopia peacefully is an important step for lasting peace, the professor noted.

Born around Adwa of Tigray region, Professor Haregewein Assefa is a senior scientist in drug research who has filed for several patents to protect her inventions with fellow counterparts.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, she underscored the importance of only peaceful dialogue in the country.

According to the professor, peace is the only option to bring development and progress. Therefore, everyone should give priority to peace and work since there is no substitute to peace.

She believes that it is appropriate to teach the generation about unity rather than differences.

Hence, we Ethiopians must get out of the vicious circle of war and conflict and build a country that is suitable for future generations.

“Peace emanates from working together, unity, and love. Especially in the 21st century, fighting must be avoided. Guns do not solve problems. If we start talking about love and unity instead, we can solve problems. Through education, we can solve every problem. If we tell our students that guns kill, that is enough as everything starts at home.”

The professor noted that it is necessary to inculcate patriotism, empathy, unity and build a country suitable for all citizens.

In order to lift citizens out of poverty, ensuring development and lasting peace should be a job that cannot be left for tomorrow, she stressed.

“There is no greater legacy than peace to the coming generation. Thus it is crucial that we build  peace for the next generation. Now I have added five years to my age. But, if I don’t live in  peace, living 10 years is meaningless. What is the legacy I am leaving to contribute to peace?”

Professor Haregewein further said “when I think about what I will leave for my children, peace takes the first place. If there is peace, we will get out of trouble. We will not be beggars.”

For her, the peace agreement has special meaning and all should support it.

Recall that following the Pretoria Peace Agreement, the Government of Ethiopia has been restoring basic services, providing humanitarian aid widely, and rebuilding destroyed infrastructures.

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