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June 14, 2021
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Black Epiphany: Over 20 dead as TPLF forces open a blazing fire to disperse an epiphany procession in Woldia, Amhara

By Mikael Arage

#WoldiaMassacre #AmharaMassare #ChristiansMassacre

The faithful were accompanying St Mikael’s Tabot, the symbol of the Arc of the Covenant, at the annual Timkat(epiphany) festival when TPLF forces started bullying and beating choirs , according to an eye witness, Yohaness.

Angered by the brutal interference of Tigrian security forces, the crowd — of over 100,000 people — would herald anti TPLF regime slogans : ‘Stop killing our young people’ . No sooner had the crowd started , in what eye witnesses say ‘ a peaceful and reactionary protest’ than TPLF forces would mercilessly use deadly forces , firing live ammunitions in to the crowd. So far, over 71 are suffering from heavy casualty ; Close to 20 are confirmed dead, among which are children, women and priests. Heavy gun shots are still heard in Woldia.

The situation is still under development , and that casualties could go up by any factor. A convoy of TPLF’s enforcements are heading to Woldia from Tigray, according to eye witness.

All most all top level leadership of the TPLF regime — including Sebehat Nega, Abay Woldu and Debretsion — have iterated about ‘the need and successful progress of devastating’ Ethiopia’s majority , Coptic Amhara , Orthodox christians , the culture and dominant presence of whom the TPLF regime iterated as the #1 threat for actualizing the separation of Ethiopia in to different countries, according to a number of records. Ethiopia’s dominant Coptic Orthodox Church — which by many standards has certain features of Judaism — had been a state religion in the country for 17 centuries, from 331 AD to 1968 AD.



The article was originally posted in the Amhara Network-የአማራ ትስስር platform by Mikael Arage https://www.facebook.com/AmharaNetwork/

Mikael Arage is a techprenuer, manager, engineer, strategist, citizen journalist, life long interdisciplinary student and human rights activist based in Helsinki, Finland. He regularly covers on political economy, technology and business development in Ethiopia.

ሚካኤል አራጌ በፊንላድ የሚኖሮ በቴክኖሎጂ ፣ ንግድስራ ፣ ግኝት ፣ ማህበራዊና ፖለቲካዊ ጉዳዮች ላይ የግልና ሙያዊ አስተያየት የሚሰጥ ሃገር አገልጋይ ምሁር ነው። ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያለዉንም የሽብርተኛው ፣ ትህምክተኛውና ጠባቡ የህወሃት ስርዐት ላይም ጠንከርና ጠለቅ ያለ ተቃዉሞ ፣ አስተያየትና ትንተና በመስጠት ይታወቃል።

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