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Billene, Helen remain at PM’s press secretariat; Kassahun Gofe not joining

Addis Abeba, January 02/2018 – A source close to the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tells Addis Standard that both Billene Seyoum and Helen Yosef will remain in their position at the press secretariat department of the PM’s office. Although Nigussu Tilahun is assigned as head of the Press Secretariat department, Billene will remain at her position.

In addition, the news that Kassahun Gofe, former state minister at the Government Communication Affairs Office, will become the deputy press secretariat is incorrect. It was first reported by state affiliated FanaBC.

FANA BROADCASTING C@fanatelevision

Kassahun Gofe has been appointed as deputy press secretary at the office of the Prime Minister.

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“Kassahun Gofe has not been appointed to the Press Secretariat. Not true,” our source clarified.

This morning, all major news media outlets, including Addis Standard, have reported that, Nigussu Tilahun, the Amhara regional state Culture & Tourism Bureau head, who previously served the region’s communication director, will be “replacing” Billene Seyoum, who was appointed to the position on November 05. 

“Nigussu Tilahun is joining the secretariat to support the Amharic section of the press secretariat while Billene continues supporting the English and digital media section of the press secretariat,” the same source said.


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